Recycle your used toners for free, using our stress free service

Follow these three simple steps to recycle your used toners,

  1. Call us to order a free box to store your used toners in.

  2. Place the box in a convenient location next to your machine, and fill with your used toners.

  3. Once the box is full, give us a call and we will arrange pickup for you.

It’s that simple, we take care of the rest, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you have done your bit to help protect the environment.

About us

UK Green Centre recycles used toners from mainland Great Britain. The process is simple, we provide you with a large box for storing your used toners, and arrange free, hassle free collection when the box is full.

On average, 65 million toners are used a year in the United Kingdom. of those 65 million toners, only 15% are recycled, meaning that just over 55 million toners go straight to landfill each year.

Help us reduce that number by recycling your used toners with us.

Call us on 0300 3654330 today to arrange for your own recycling box.

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